Sustainability and a national treasure

27th April 2012 by Amanda Long

Placing sustainability alongside a 'national treasure' is a timely initiative.

If our society is going to achieve the full-blown paradigm-shift needed to address the challenges we all face then mainstreaming sustainability and grand-scale awareness raising as part of behaviour change programs are essential. Whilst we are all still so committed to what we do as a society today the momentum for change isn't there. Hats off to Marks and Spencer - it's a good start and let's hope Joanna can be as successful on sustainability as she has been on the Gurkhas.

The concept of Shwopping as core to Joanna's call to action announced today, is a way of making the consumption of clothes much more sustainable. This is great stuff and builds really proactively on the sort of initiatives taken by other retailers working with charities (such as the TK Maxx and CRUK partnership). Through social media Joanna and M&S intend to drive consumer engagement and work towards the creation of a new closed loop business model. We need to see other stores looking to routinely set up in-store and online shwopping for this to burgeon and make it really easy for all consumers to act and make the difference on habit change. Plus there must be replicable models here for other businesses to pursue for other products too….I think we'll find the list endless! Shwopping is the beginning of a consumer revolution - let's be quick to build momentum.

By Amanda Long

CEO, Corporate Culture

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