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How to get people to turn up for NHS appointments

11th September 2012 by John Drummond

Apparently one in ten people don’t turn up for NHS appointments at hospitals. Health Minister Simon Burns has asked the public to understand the impact this has on other patients and on the time of doctors and nurses. He has asked hospitals to explore innovative solutions.

What is social marketing?

27th June 2012 by Administrator

Good works

I’m conscious a lot of people have joined The Social Marketing Network since we kicked it off 18 months ago and we may not have a shared view of social marketing.

In my view, social marketing is theapplication of marketing principles to change behaviours to achieve a social goal. There are a number of underlying convictions that we have as practitioners:

Is augmented reality a potential tool for behaviour change?

24th May 2012 by John Drummond

If you haven’t yet heard of augmented reality (AR), you will very soon. It’s a way of presenting digital information onto the physical world. Google is expected to launch a set of AR glasses later this year. Apple is also rumoured to be investing in the technology.

Why Milton Erickson is the king of behaviour change

18th April 2011 by John Drummond

Milton Erikson

One summer day, Milton Erickson walked into a farmyard about five o’clock with the aim of selling some books to pay his way through college. In the yard, the farmer told him he didn’t read anything. He didn’t need to read anything and he was far too busy feeding his hogs.

Government and behaviour change 1: The revolution begins to put people at the heart of policy

17th January 2011 by John Drummond

Fringe festival
Can we put people at the heart of policy?

There’s a revolution in thinking at the heart of the UK government. It is being driven by the behavioural insights unit in the Cabinet Office, a team of academics and civil servants, and it is shaping government policy and touching our lives.

So what does this government think about people and what persuades us to act? In this, the first of a series of blogs on government and behaviour change, let’s look at where we currently are.

Can the private sector ever champion social change?

17th March 2010 by John Drummond


US insurance company Safeco helps people reduce the risk of bush fires
US insurance company Safeco helps people reduce the risk of bush fires

Business is increasingly seeking to encourage customers to act on social issues – recycle more, eat well, save energy, drink responsibly, use bags for life.

It's a discipline called corporate social marketing. It was first used as a term by the international marketing gurus Philip Kotler and Nancy Lee in 2004. They defined it as "a powerful strategy that uses marketing principles and techniques to foster behaviour change."

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