NHS Health Scotland - social marketing training

Corporate Culture worked with teams from NHS Health Scotland to redress some of the country’s health inequalities.

Our expert facilitators trained staff across the country in social marketing methodologies, research and strategies, cross-cutting a wide range of topics and a variety of target audiences.

The courses brought together disparate health teams, allowing them to co-create solutions to specific health issues such as breastfeeding and combating childhood obesity.

The courses were well received by teams around the country, and more were commissioned on the strength of delivery to date.

"Corporate Culture’s team of trainers has exceeded all expectations, working to tight timescales and budgets with a fresh, compelling use of learning styles and persuasive use of language. A reliable and high-performing set-up has added value to our social marketing work in Scotland."

Chrissie Fairclough, Head of Corporate Communications, NHS Health Scotland

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