April 2011

WSMC: A showcase for our work on cancer

The 2nd World Social Marketing Conference (WSMC) took place on 11-12 April 2011 in Dublin, and Corporate Culture had a strong presence. As well as being Supporting Sponsors for the conference, we also won one of the event’s Big Debates, championing the motion that “Private/NGO/public sector partnerships are the new hope.” Read more about the Debate here.

But perhaps the highlight for us, was the prominence of our work on cancer early detection campaigns. Firstly, our Research Director Belinda Miller partnered with our client Caroline Cerny of Cancer Research UK for a presentation on collaborating to improve cancer outcomes cost effectively. This session focused on how sharing resources and using a proven framework across 4 cancer networks has increased the number of older men recognising and acting on the early signs of skin cancer.

In a later poster presentation session, CRUK’s Daniel Ramsay presented our work with Derby City PCT to successfully trial a social marketing approach to help men spot the early signs of bowel cancer.

“The work presented at the WSMC is a fantastic example of the benefits that come from collaboration between health sector organisations,” says Belinda. “In all regions where the activity took place our cost-effective social marketing approach led to an increase in early presentation with symptoms of skin and bowel cancers amongst our target audiences. These kinds of partnership programmes can and do save lives, as well as delivering long-term benefits to the health service.”

To learn more about our comprehensive work on cancer prevention, and our skills in delivering research and insight to underpin behaviour change campaigns, contact Belinda Miller on belinda.miller@corporateculture.co.uk

Winning the Big Debate on private/public partnerships

One of the highlights at this week’s 2011 World Social Marketing Conference in Dublin was the Big Debates, which prompted passionate argument on a number of key social marketing and corporate social marketing topics. The first Big Debate was based on the motion: “Private/NGO/public sector partnerships are the new hope.”

Corporate Culture’s CEO John Drummond, alongside Chris Sorek CEO of Drinkaware, spoke for the motion, alternating their statements with those of their opponents. It proved to be a lively and stimulating discussion, followed by an in-depth Q&A with the 100-strong audience. And when the final audience vote was called, the motion carried with an overwhelming majority.

The big debate was great fun and I’m delighted that the audience agreed with us,” says John. “But it highlighted a very pressing issue. While the idea of the private sector partnering with the public sector is not new, the scale of the challenges we all face today is of a different order to what we’ve seen before. Our argument hinged on three observations: there is clearly a compelling case for action; it is possible for us to create our preferred future; and our best hope to create that is by acting together.

In fact, we’re already seeing great examples of this, including the national Recycle Now campaign which brought together central and local government and business to treble the UK’s recycling rates. Another example is BT, whose campaigning with ChildLine helped champion the voice of many young people and empower them to improve their own communities. I think the size of our win in the big Debate showed that the audience also firmly believed it was time for more of this cross-sector collaboration.”

To learn more about Corporate Social Marketing and how the private sector can partner with the public sector for mutual benefit, contact John Drummond at john.drummond@corporateculture.co.uk