Engaging Millennials

Millennials report supports sustainable business practice with an insight into their 'Big demands and high expectations'. The Deloitte Millennials survey provides a fascinating insight into what this type of employee is looking for in an employer. The workforce of the future have a challenging wish list and it makes for interesting reading for anyone involved in employee engagement or indeed, sustainable business. Two practices close to our heart.

A strong message is that this group, who will make up 75% of the workforce by 2025, are seeking employment within organisations that ‘make a positive contribution to society by addressing the global challenges of resource scarcity, climate change and income equality’ and innovation is the watchword.

“Business has the potential to develop innovative products and services to help address the most important issues facing societies around the world.”

They also express the view that...

  • Business could achieve more
  • Government is not doing enough
  • Organisations must nurture emerging leaders
  • Millennials are eager to make a difference

This group wish to be engaged in a different way and clearly expect their employer to be acting and making a difference to the chunky social issues facing our world in order for them to even consider investing their sought after skills and talents. Worth remembering if you are serious about long-term success.