BLOG: Meetings for meeting’s sake

The average employee sits through on average 6000 meetings during their career. And 6 out of 10 described those meetings as 'pointless'. In a recent article by HR Grapevine it was also reported that during these 'pointless' meetings 70% zoned out, 48% doodled, 31% thought about what they were going to have for dinner and 29% just stared out the window.

I guess what this tells us is that we need to think about making meetings more engaging or perhaps even if we need a meeting at all.  One of the programmes we’ve been involved in delivering took the straightforward step of asking employees for suggestions on how to work smarter. The ideas that came back included trying 40-minute rather than one hour meetings, writing one-page briefings or just having a rule that you pick up the phone rather than send an email.

In employee engagement terms the fundamental part in this programme was getting employees involved in developing the solutions and encouraging innovation from within the business. This coupled with bringing it to life in a way that resonates and making it incredibly easy to apply and act upon the ideas made for record take up and significant increases in productivity.

Something to think about..maybe in your next meeting!

By Sharon Kemp

Business Development Director at Corporate Culture/How on Earth