Good to go

Our work with Zero Waste Scotland still continues to provide results. The Good to Go branded doggy bags are being rolled out further following the successful pilot scheme that we worked with Zero Waste Scotland on.

Good to Go introduced specially branded doggy bags to a selection of restaurants in Scotland, and delivered staff training and promotional materials to actively encourage diners to take home their leftovers. 

The Scottish Government is now providing free doggy bags to hundreds more restaurants across Scotland to reduce food waste. The Good to Go branded bags are being rolled out after the pilot scheme showed that offering customers doggy bags could reduce food waste from leftovers by 40 per cent per restaurant.

Nine out of ten restaurants that tried offering customers doggy bags in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Irvine and East Kilbride reported a reduction in food waste of around 40 per cent. Research from Zero Waste Scotland, the Government-funded body behind the initiative, showed three-quarters of customers would like to be offered a doggy bag.

Some restaurants said that offering customers a doggy bag actually improved sales as customers who weren't sure if they could manage bigger portions ordered them anyway and took them home.

More than one hundred restaurants signed up to the scheme after the successful pilot. Zero Waste Scotland now has plans to invite another hundred restaurants to take part.