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Corporate Culture's sister brand How On Earth - has launched their brand new subscription service. Signing up gives you exclusive FREE access to the groundbreaking Human report.

The word about town is: MOTIVATING MILLIONS is the leading sustainable behaviour change subscription service.

And signing up gives you exclusive FREE access to the groundbreaking Human report. A 12 month subscription also bring the following benefits: discounts on training, tools, infographics and newsletters. 

May will mark the start of everything MOTIVATING MILLIONS. And since this coincides with the UK’s election month, discussions and content will be centred on the theme of: THE STRANGE WORLD OF VOTING BEHAVIOUR. We will therefore be sharing insights and facilitating discussions on this topic in our quarterly newsletter, HUMAN OPERATING SYSTEM infographics.

Subscribers also get a 20% discount off the HUMAN training course, which will take place a little later on in the year . This one-day course will introduce subscribers to the newest insights emerging from neuroscience, psychology and transformational change, whilst also promoting pragmatic tools on how to incorporate this new insight into their organisations.

All of which will help subscribers stay ahead of their competition, by being the first to receive the latest behaviour change insights and news.

To sign up visit http://how-on-earth.co.uk/subscribe