ClimateWise is a global network of leading insurers committed to reducing the impact of climate change on society and the insurance industry. It’s a voluntary initiative facilitated by CISL, who approached us to create an engaging new brand and brand language to help raise the profile of ClimateWise’s thought leadership, and potentially attract new members.

Our powerful brand solution neatly integrates the network’s name into a circle of sustainability. The blended lines of the logo speak to collaboration and positive change. They are also an evocation of our work on CISL’s sustainable economy brand – Rewiring the Economy. The principle ClimateWise illustrations use a dot-matrix motif to further reflect many parties collaborating on the big climate challenges.

Alongside the new brand and visual language, we also helped ClimateWise share its responsibilities and goals with stakeholders via a strategic narrative. This messaging explored the network’s six principles, and its various programmes of collaborative action, while illustrating how ClimateWise is an increasingly powerful leadership voice for the global insurance sector on climate change.