Leading wealth management business Quilter (formerly Old Mutual Wealth) is committed to growing its business responsibly, to create sustainable, long-term value for all of its stakeholders. It asked for our help to bring to life this focus on responsible business for colleagues and key external audiences through multiple communications materials.

We began with powerful narratives to define Quilter’s responsibility story and its organisational journey. The narratives informed the creation of Quilter’s Shared Prosperity Plan – the first major publication under the new Quilter brand. This explores how the business is focusing on helping customers and stakeholders to achieve their life goals by enhancing financial capability and engagement, enabling more secure financial futures, and promoting an inclusive and responsible investment market.

An essential component of Quilter’s commitment to Shared Prosperity is the creation of independent Quilter Foundation, and its flagship campaign to support young carers in and around the communities where Quilter operates. We’ve also supported the business in articulating its commitments with a detailed Quilter Foundation narrative that is helping to shape ongoing communications around the charity’s work.