Ricoh recognises that having a more diverse workforce can bring greater business benefits. Diversity, whether inherent, acquired or cognitive, can encourage creativity, innovation, better decision-making and problem solving, and enables Ricoh to meet the needs of customers today and in the future.

We are supporting Ricoh UK at the start of its diversity journey, helping to create a more inclusive culture, and a working environment which values, embraces and celebrates diversity in the workplace. To do this we’ve worked with the CEO and Senior Leadership team, and with colleagues across the organisation.

Strands of activity include: insight to explore and better understand attitudes, motivations and experiences of diversity; analysis of the barriers to and opportunities created by a more diverse culture; recommendations of the interventions, communications and engagement initiatives to drive change; and the development of the ‘Being Vibrant’ core proposition, and its supporting narrative and visual language to help the organisation talk about diversity.