With Type 2 diabetes becoming increasingly prevalent, we worked with NHS North West Coast Strategic Clinical Network to design and deliver an insight-led behaviour change programme with the aim of improving patient uptake of structured education courses.

Healthcare practitioners and diabetes patients participated in our co-creation workshops and mobile ethnography research to explore the barriers to uptake, and share attitudes and opinions on patient support. Based on this insight, we developed the Your Diabetes Your Way (YDYW) brand and resources.

Healthcare practitioners and partners can now easily signpost Type 2 patients to the YDYW microsite, which houses information on all the available support to help them manage their condition. To increase the appeal of structured education, the courses were reframed as ‘group sessions’, with an emphasis on fun, shared experiences. In addition, the microsite offers links to additional learning resources for patients to explore at their own pace, and in their choice of format and language.

Patients are directed to the YDYW site through a range of supporting print collateral, delivered via healthcare professionals, practice managers and wider stakeholders. These materials include waiting-room posters, leaflets and folders, and use engaging copy and a playful look and feel to provide a consistent message and help reassure newly-diagnosed patients.

Early anecdotal evidence suggests improved engagement at the GP practice level has already increased the quality of referrals to local structured education providers.