COVID19 – How to use behavioural insights to improve public compliance

Whilst conformity and compliance are needed to control COVID, we are facing a trust crisis. The context of the fake news narrative has led citizens to draw their own conclusions and COVID-safe behaviours have polarised. At the start of November, 1 in 4 of UK adults admitted to breaking lockdown guidance by having indoor contact with someone outside of their household or support bubble. (ONS Source).

In this session, we will share the latest insights into:

  • How our behavioural response to the pandemic has shifted as COVID fatigue has set in
  • Compliance with specific behaviours, from social distancing to mask wearing and disposal, self- isolation and vaccination
  • The behavioural biases that drive our actions
  • How to design behavioural interventions that build compliance and overcome reactance.

Your Hosts

Belinda Miller

The session will be led by our Insight Director, Belinda Miller, who brings a wealth of experience of delivering insight led strategies to drive sustainable behaviour change. For over 25 years, her work has informed many award-winning interventions proven to measurably change behaviours for private, public and third sector organisations including Defra, NHS, WWF, over 50 local authority and health organisations together with many water and energy companies.

John Drummond

During his two decades leading Corporate Culture Group, John has helped many organisations shape creative and strategic solutions to complex issues around customer and stakeholder engagement, sustainable business and sustainable behaviour change. He has also authored a series of cutting-edge behavioural reports, including Motivating Millions, Transformation and Human, which explore how business can harness behavioural insight to drive transformational change.

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