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Employer / Employee value proposition

An Employee Value Proposition (EVP) is best described as the most compelling thing(s) that an employer can highlight to an employee or prospective employee that will attract and retain them. It’s the employment deal, derived from the employee experience, such as their everyday interactions, rewards, and growth opportunities. In the world of talent communications, your EVP is the foundation of your reputation as a place to work, and is, alongside the tangible formal offer, at the heart of why somebody would want to work for you.

Whilst the component parts of an employee value proposition have remained broadly the same since before the pandemic, the importance and weighting of specific elements has changed; the EVP for the post-pandemic workforce must:

  • orient towards seeing employees as people, not as workers or ‘headcount’;
  • provide a positive experience, not simply work; and
  • focus on employees’ feelings, and their physical and mental wellbeing.

The pandemic has changed the relationship between people and their work, and the EVP must evolve to reflect these changes. Failing to do so is a risk: the workforce is more mobile and flexible than ever, there’s a huge number of vacancies, and people are increasingly discerning in what they expect from employers. The bottom line is that organisations no longer enjoy the upper hand in the recruitment and retention of talent

So, whether you are starting from the beginning and developing an EVP for the first time or reviewing and amending your EVP messaging in the light of internal or external changes, our team has experience of developing and creating EVP messaging and strategy across several sectors and organisations:

  • Identification of your desired proposition vs reality–an approach centred on defining the values, attitudes and behaviours you desire, the current reality and the experience prospective employees are seeking
  • Creation of a compelling EVP –based on a tried and tested approach
  • Ensuring the link to the employer brand– both in the meaning and the language of the EVP to your brand.
  • Ensuring it’s rooted in reality– testing the proposition against what employees see day-to-day in the workplace
  • Ensuring it engages emotionally– the EVP is the essence of why people work for you – it needs to communicate to the heart and the head.

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