You are invited to attend Corporate Culture Group’s on-line Exploration session –‘Life After Lockdown’. This free event will be held via Zoom from 9.30 to 11am on Thursday, 30 July 2020.

This Exploration session is part of the Insight for Leaders series aimed at directors and executives from business, government and not-for-profit organisations. They are engaging, insight-driven events that encourage debate and discussion by pragmatists working to deliver transformational change and sustainable success.

In this session, John will be joined by Belinda Miller, Insight Director, to explore the short, medium and long-term implications when the lockdown is lifted. Each will provide a provocative seven-minute personal take on the implications. This will frame the discussion. The majority of the session will be a shared exploration of next steps.

The session will last 90-minutes and will explore:

  • Practical issues after lockdown with social distancing continuing – parking, eating, working, mental health.
  • Human issues – giving employees space to tell their stories, re-connecting employees to purpose, permanently changing the balance between home and office working, exploring the purpose of office-based working, applying learning about the critical importance of office as a social space.
  • Strategic issues – the implications for strategy, risk, transformational change, collaboration.

About John

During his two decades leading Corporate Culture Group, John has helped many organisations shape creative and strategic solutions to complex issues around customer and stakeholder engagement, sustainable business and sustainable behaviour change. He has also authored a series of cutting-edge behavioural reports, including Motivating Millions, Transformation and Human, which explore how business can harness behavioural insight to drive transformational change.

About Belinda

Joining John will be our Insight Director, Belinda Miller, who brings a wealth of experience of delivering insight led strategies to drive sustainable behaviour change and help organisations build purposeful human relationships. For over 25 years, her work has informed many award-winning interventions proven to measurably change behaviours for public, private and third sector organisations including Defra, NHS, WRAP, WWF International, 9 of England’s regulated water and energy companies and over 50 local government bodies.

This session will seek to give everyone a voice to share current thinking in a situation that none of us have been in before.

To join us, please email Elaine Smith. Or sign up using the form below. 

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