Work isn’t working; current business models no longer reflect our human nature, or these transitional times. This is our opportunity, not just to reinvent the workplace, but to reimagine the world of work…

While the pandemic has challenged the ways we work, the bigger question is about the purpose of work. What is it for? And how does a shift to homeworking affect traditional hierarchies? A more fully human world of work is emerging. It’s a world that is dramatically different to today’s model. But what is it and how do you bring it to life in your organisation?

The Human Organisation report details the nine characteristics that define human organisations, and will guide you through the biggest change in organisational culture in over a century.

This interactive launch event, led by our Chairman, John Drummond and Chief Executive of Landmark, Ed Cowell, will help attendees explore their own workplace challenges, and gain insights into becoming more human.

About John Drummond

During his two decades leading Corporate Culture Group, John has helped many organisations shape creative and strategic solutions to complex issues around customer and stakeholder engagement, sustainable business and sustainable behaviour change. He has also authored a series of cutting-edge behavioural reports, including Motivating Millions, Transformation and Human, which explore how business can harness behavioural insight to drive transformational change.

About Corporate Culture Roundtables

The aim is to bring together a small number of people who would welcome an open discussion about the subject based on their insight and knowledge. Each is hosted by a leading thinker in culture change, sustainable business or stakeholder engagement, who will share their views and experience before opening the discussion up to the room. All sessions observe Chatham House Rules – so everyone can speak openly and honestly.

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Join us via Zoom on Thursday 25 March 2021 from 9:30 to 10.30am. Sign up using the form below or email to reserve your place.

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