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Integrating change communications and messaging

In 2013, AstraZeneca announced its intention to build a new global R&D centre and corporate headquarters. It commissioned us to develop an internal employee engagement strategy and communications campaign to inspire and excite employees about the opportunities, while also addressing the concerns of employees making decisions with implications for career and family.

Our communications strategy articulated the need to share the whole story with employees, whilst segmenting information and resources according to personal and professional needs.

All of this was done in an employee and family-friendly language, making it easy to access information, when, where and how employees needed it, especially on practical issues, such as schooling, commuting and new working arrangements.

A core narrative and messaging sets were developed for a range of employee audiences, supported by a creative look and feel to aid employee navigation around complex and detailed information. This was key to unifying the communications and increasing engagement with the strategy.