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Looking after your greatest asset

Colleague and customer safety and wellbeing are business-critical risks. With people understandably anxious with everything from the sky-high cost of living to the climate crisis, there’s a risk to colleagues’ mental health, and an increased potential for un-safe behaviours in and around the working environment. It’s never been more important that every organisation refocuses on looking after all of its people. We can help.

Safety in numbers

Our expertise and examples of our work

Reducing workplace accidents

Despite huge improvements in health and safety, more than 120 were people were killed last year in work-related accidents in the UK, and 6 million days were lost to non-fatal injury and illness, costing business and government £19bn. It’s essential that physical safety continues to be prioritised in every workplace. We’ve worked alongside organisations in many sectors to deliver insight-driven health and safety brands, campaigns and programmes that have changed behaviours in even the hardest-to-reach audiences.

We worked with Network Rail to help identify barriers to safety inherent in the signalling process, and recommend key opportunities for behavioural optimisation across this safety-critical element of the network.


Increasing incident reporting

It’s difficult to action safety improvements if you’re unsure where the main risks are occurring. Encouraging the reporting of hazards and near misses helps to monitor problems and identify root causes as they arise, and is essential in creating a wider culture of workplace safety. We’ve helped organisations to apply a behavioural lens to improving risk reporting.

We worked with FCC Environment to create Report It Every Time, a national behaviour change campaign that encouraged employees to report every hazard and near miss, no matter how big or small.


Keeping customers safe

As well as looking after your own people in the workplace, looking after the wellbeing of customers or site visitors is essential too. We’ve worked with a number of rail businesses, not only to take a behavioural lens to improve safety procedures across network infrastructure, but also to help passengers stay safe in and around stations.

We delivered a targeted set of customer safety-focused recommendations to Govia Thameslink Railway based on direct, detailed ethnographic observation of passenger behaviours at three of its busy commuter stations.


Focusing on community wellbeing

Over the last couple of decades we’ve worked with NHS bodies, local authorities and pharmaceutical companies to deliver hundreds of behavioural programmes that are helping to support community wellness and wellbeing across the nation. Targeted health issues include cancer, diabetes, healthy weight and Covid-19. To learn more about our work on community health, check out our Hot Topic on health behaviour change.

We worked with Essex County Council on communications, targeted interventions and a supporting brand to create a Covid-safe culture across the county by establishing new behavioural norms and habits among citizens.


Supporting mental health

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, work-related depression and anxiety were on the rise. Mid and post-pandemic this only accelerated, with the rate of depression in the population today double the pre-pandemic level. Today, 8 million people in the UK have some form of mild mental health problem, often influenced by their work life. All organisations have an essential role in supporting the mental wellbeing of their employees, from removing workplace stigmas around mental health, to providing policies, procedures and practical tools that help everyone deal with the daily stresses and strains.

We worked with DSM to develop ‘It’s OK’, a creative solution built around a universal statement that reassures colleagues and encourages them to do the simple things that protect their wellbeing and peace of mind.


Encouraging data security

Alongside essential safety and wellbeing behaviours, colleagues also need to understand the business-criticality of keeping organisational data safe and secure, especially in an age of social engineering. We take a behavioural approach to encouraging the importance of data security, based on our understanding of what makes people tick.

We worked with warehousing developer and asset manager SEGRO to help raise employees’ awareness of the importance of them keeping information safe and confidential, wherever they are.


We can help

Corporate Culture Group is one of the UK’s leading behaviour change consultancies. We have decades of experience working with organisations across all sectors to engage colleagues in behaviours that help to reduce individual and organisational risk and improve outcomes around safety, and physical and mental wellbeing. Let us help you look after your most important asset.

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