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The Culture Diagnostic

Understand and strengthen your culture

Introducing the Culture Diagnostic. Built on the latest research and insight, and decades of delivering organisational culture change. Understand your people. Shape your preferred culture. Grow your business. Win the war for talent.

Achieving your culture goals is essential to your people experience, your business performance, and your future resilience and success.

This new platform helps you understand your current culture and know where and how to invest to create your preferred culture.

Right tool, right time

The Culture Diagnostic helps you understand where you are on your cultural journey, and drives the creation of your preferred culture. It’s the definitive culture mapping and improvement platform, tailored to your organisational needs.

The Culture Diagnostic is a powerful digital platform that helps you:

  • take a comprehensive temperature check of your culture;
  • understand the perspectives and needs of your different audiences;
  • recognise your cultural strengths;
  • identify the gap between where you are and where you need to be;
  • define the priority areas for cultural action and intervention;
  • build appropriate, tailored solutions for your culture journey; and
  • take your people with you.

The six dimensions of culture

The Culture Diagnostic is built on the six primary elements of culture that have the biggest influence on business performance and people experience in the new world of work.

Improving your performance against the dimensions will help your organisation build engagement, attract talent, boost productivity and increase resilience.

1. Strategic alignment

The extent that culture supports and is aligned to organisational purpose and strategy.

2. Enablement

The level of influence, ability and support colleagues have to do their work.

3. Human leadership

The ability and willingness of leaders and managers to engage and inspire their people.

4. Connectedness

How well the organisation connects people, ideas and opportunities.

5. Responsiveness

The readiness of the organisation to adapt to changing needs.

6. Belonging

How colleagues feel safe, well, respected, valued, and able to be fully themselves.

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How it works


Pre-selected colleagues are invited to complete a simple, modular diagnostic to explore their views of your organisational culture.


The diagnostic is self-driven and built on an easy-to-use, interactive digital interface. There is also an option for a facilitated approach for hard-to-reach groups.


The qualitative and quantitative data from this process is analysed to diagnose the current cultural health of your business across the six dimensions, with a deep dive into each.


We make tailored recommendations for building on your existing strengths and addressing areas for concern.


Together we define your intervention priorities and build a journey map to your preferred cultural future.

Learn more

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