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Reinventing the world of work

Work isn’t working. Typical business models do not reflect these transitional times or our individual or social natures. The average age of an S&P 500 business is down from 60 years in the 1950s to 20 years in 2020. The solution for today’s businesses is to become more human. There are two major benefits: First, it helps to attract and retain talent. Second, it improves the success of transformational projects. We’ll show you how.

The context

Our expertise and examples of our work

Become human

It’s more important than ever that organisations understand and implement the steps to being more human: it reduces business risk, empowers colleagues to thrive, helps to solve critical challenges, and underpins the process of transformational change.

Our focus is on creating cultures which are more fully human. This can include an understanding of human motivation, creating meaning and purpose at work, storytelling, defining your beliefs, creating strategies to increase human connection and break down silos, tapping into a diversity of ideas, or designing cultures that help you open-up, power-up and join-up so colleagues can be more fully themselves.

Explore the key characteristics of the human organisation, and see how human you are, by downloading your free copy of the Human Organisation report now.

Understand your people

Human organisations understand their people’s needs, perspectives, motivations, and social nature. We can help you get to know your most valuable asset through audience research, insight, and diagnostics based on the latest behavioural science. And we can help you create opportunities for them to connect and collaborate, through programmes and interventions that help you join up and open up across functions and locations. This distributes power to colleagues, breaks down silos, spreads ideas, improves innovation and boosts employee satisfaction.

We have worked with DSM to create a story-driven, business-wide conversation that has delivered an increase in employees’ feelings of inclusion and satisfaction with the organisation’s culture.


Connect people to purpose

Human organisations define and live their purpose. They also connect their people to that purpose and provide them with a clear line of sight between organisational strategy and individual and collective actions. We can help you articulate and develop your purpose, and the strategic narratives, storytelling and purpose-to-life initiatives and campaigns that inspire colleagues, customers and citizens to rally behind you. This not only motivates your people, but also improves trust in the organisation, and brings added clarity in defining and refining your core products and services.

We worked with the Co-op to create and deliver a series of interactive events that deepened the emotional connection of more than 50,000 colleagues with the organisation’s purpose and ethos.


Define what you believe

Human organisations define what they believe. They make decisions, act and communicate in line with a clear and robust set of values, principles and beliefs. We can help with values and behavioural frameworks, behavioural embedding campaigns, and culture change plans and programmes. What people believe influences what they do, and clear values and beliefs also make for a compelling narrative, which makes it easier to give colleagues freedom (within a framework) to innovate and improve.

We helped insurance group BGL engage employees in collaboratively refreshing its values via individual and team co-creation sessions, focus groups, events, communications and digital surveys.


Be open to a diversity of ideas

Human organisations embrace a diversity of ideas, cultivate creative intelligence and promote innovation in all of their people. They also empower people to work at times and in ways that suit their personality and their culture. We can help with colleague engagement strategies and internal communication programmes, interventions and campaigns to foster collaboration and innovation. The benefits are clear; encouraging open minds and active exploration satisfies our curious nature, helps create cultures of innovation, improves cognitive diversity, enhances the employee experience, and improves performance and wellbeing.

To help Together Housing Group improve employee dialogue and co-creation around its business direction, we created a narrative and messaging framework, and a visual representation of the business plan and its priorities.


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Corporate Culture Group is one of the UK’s leading behaviour change consultancies. We have extensive experience of working with organisations across all sectors to help them experience the people and business benefits of becoming more human, and we can help you do the same during these unprecedented times.

Get in touch, explore our services, download our free Human Organisation report, and check out our latest thought piece on being human.

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