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How organisational purpose can drive a powerful employee experience

The ‘Being Co-op’ theme underpins a major transformation programme at the Co-op. It reflects a desire to get back to the heart of what makes the Co-op special: the ethos that enabled past success and that will drive success in the future. We’ve worked with the Co-op on a variety of projects that help bring Being Co-op to life for over 55,000 colleagues.

We helped develop the concept, event narrative and content for a series of ‘Back to Being Co-op’ events to create impact and deepen colleague emotional connection.

We also worked closely with HR teams to embed the ‘Ways of Being Co-op’ into business services, processes and policies, and help employees understand the importance of the ‘Ways’ and the many benefits they bring.

We have also helped the Co-op to tie together and share the different elements of Being Co-op – the core purpose, the Co-op Way, services to customers, and the behaviours the Co-op expects from employees – in a way that every colleague can understand, relate to, and pass on to the customer.