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A behaviour change campaign that prioritises everyone’s wellbeing

Every workplace injury costs business an estimated £9,000 in lost productivity, not to mention the physical and emotional cost to the injured parties. Recognising this, Biffa, the UK’s largest waste collection and treatment company, asked us to help improve its safety record, by empowering employees to prioritise their own safety, and that of their colleagues.

We worked with Biffa’s Safety Improvement Teams, using behaviour change techniques to train employees across the country to act as local safety champions.

In parallel, we created a business-wide safety brand and campaign, ‘I for safety’, which encouraged everyone to put safety first, every time.

Our creative campaign and behaviour change training helped to deliver some remarkable results – a 25% reduction in accidents for three years post-campaign, and a 37% decrease in lost time due to health and safety incidents. This represents real cost savings to Biffa, and is helping many employees avoid serious injury, or worse.