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Capturing the colleague voice

Redrow is a leading UK housebuilder, with over 2000 employees and annual revenues above £2bn. In the 50 years since it was founded, it’s built over 100,000 homes across the country.

As a leading UK homebuilder and a responsible and sustainable business, Redrow is constantly evolving and responding to a range of pressures. These include new legislation around sustainable housing and building materials, the national need for more (and more environmentally-friendly) housing, and increasing customer demand for homes fit for the future.

As part of this journey, Redrow asked Corporate Culture to help with an engagement and ideation project, speaking to colleagues right across the business to understand how they felt about the future, what their individual challenges were, what the organisation needed to do differently to succeed, and what part each colleague could play in the process. The end result was a set of opportunities and recommendations, grouped into distinct, tangible themes that provided a clear direction for the organisation’s vision for a more sustainable future.

A major part of the work was a listening exercise across all employee levels. We used senior leader interviews and colleague focus groups to help understand organisational beliefs around what the current and desired future positions should be for the business, in line with its stated aims for 2025.

The interviews helped to pinpoint the key issues and challenges that leaders had in achieving their stated aims, identifying the ‘gap’ between where they were and what they wanted to achieve. The colleague focus groups brought a colleague-centred clarity to the same topics, while also acting as ideation sessions for identifying business opportunities, across all departments and roles. Together, our approach provided actionable insight into and clarity around the existing challenges.