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Rewiring the Economy

The Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) is a globally influential institution, bringing together business, government and academia to help find collaborative and innovative solutions to critical sustainability challenges. As part of our ongoing work with CISL, it asked us to help present its latest thinking on how the global economy can be harnessed for social and environmental good, while establishing overarching design rules for all of its publications.

We began with the structure, narrative and powerful visualisation of its flagship Rewiring the Economy report, which captures CISL’s ten-year plan for laying the foundations of a sustainable economy.

We defined a vibrant colour palette and a clear and rich infographic style that take the reader on a visual and thematic journey. These rules informed design guidelines for CISL’s future publications.

Rewiring the Economy is set to help governments, businesses and civil society around the world to reshape thinking on sustainable economies. Our visualisation of the report has already become a powerful catalyst for CISL to refresh its own brand positioning across its diverse family of publications, and to promote recognition of the organisation and the quality of its thinking to a global audience.