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Clancy Group

A contemporary rebrand

Clancy Group is one of the UK’s largest privately-owned construction firms with a workforce of more than 2500 people. It asked for our help to create a very contemporary brand and brand language that respects its 60-year family-owned heritage, while championing its vision and strategy to help create a more sustainable built environment.

We began with a persuasive brand narrative that focused on Clancy’s core purpose of reimagining smarter, greener infrastructure.

These themes of innovation and sustainability were threaded through our rebrand solution; at its heart is the single Clancy name and a stylised circle of sustainability, which modernises both the colours and initials of Clancy’s former identity (Clancy Docwra). The logo and language were brought to life across print and digital publications and vehicle livery.

As part of the branding process, Clancy also wanted to streamline its host of sub-brands into a cohesive brand family. We created a range of best-practice brand hierarchy options that allowed for individual sub-brands to shine, while respecting the unifying Group identity.