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Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi

Design to turn the tide

Abu Dhabi is one of the driest regions of the planet, yet has one of the highest daily water demands in the developed world. Environment Agency – Abu Dhabi asked us to create a series of in-depth guides to help local businesses and government bodies to take a much more sustainable approach to water use, greenhouse gas emissions, and wider resource efficiency.

We began with a powerful messaging framework to capture and articulate the essence of the problem.

This was complemented with an overarching design aesthetic that brought the eye-opening facts and figures to life with striking, contextual infographics that reflected the theme of water, while also honouring the visual influences of Arabic culture.

Each guide was carefully crafted to provide an engaging and motivational case to help the emirate’s businesses change what were often deep-seated behaviours. Alongside the printed guides and supporting digital communications, we also created visually arresting conference display materials for the successful launch of the guides to an assembled global audience.