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Customer-centric behavioural design and e-learning

HSBC is one of the world’s leading banking and financial services organisations, serving approximately 39 million customers globally, and managing some $3tn in assets.

HSBC’s global marketing team contacted us with a view to helping upskill colleagues across the business in the principles and practice of behavioural design. By embedding behavioural design thinking, HSBC’s people can better understand and empathise with the customer, and are fully equipped to create and communicate more customer-centric products and services. We’re delivering this programme through a number of ongoing strands of training and e-learning activities.

Our behavioural design coaching sessions and design sprints follow a proven five-step programme of Define, Map, Diagnose, Design and Test. These sprints and sessions have been delivered to HSBC teams around the world, including in the UK, Canada, France and Hong Kong. We’ve also developed the content and information flow for a new behavioural design e-learning module, and partnered with a digital agency to bring that to life on HSBC’s colleague portal.

Another project strand is helping HSBC colleagues harness behavioural design to drive up customer traffic to the online banking platform, rather than to traditional, more effort-intensive channels.

Based on the ongoing success of our work, we’ve also been commissioned to deliver a virtual instructor-led training (VILT) programme for the business, with multiple sessions planned to provide coaching in new behavioural design thinking. Our behavioural design programme with HSBC has been incredibly well received, with a senior participant recommending it to colleagues, saying: “The behavioural design coaching is informative, relevant and timely. It will push you forward to ask how we make things better for our customers, our staff, and yes, families too. This is the type of coaching that will make an impact at work and outside of work.​”