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Brand and design to inspire people to unlock their potential

How do you best celebrate turning 30? Microsoft UK wanted to mark the milestone by showcasing to its own people how the many groundbreaking technologies they had contributed to were improving people’s lives. Our solution – ‘30 ways to get more out of life’ – stemmed from the organisation’s guiding message: ‘Microsoft helps people unlock their potential’.

We crafted 30 authentic stories of personal empowerment made possible by Microsoft’s products.

The case studies are occasionally playful, often touching, and always authentic and rich with personality.

Each inspiring tale of technology enabling lives and livelihoods was brought to life with a blend of stunning photography, bold typography and a selection of key-line illustrations that perfectly reflected the brand language.

The result was a visually stunning story book, that showcased the direct benefits of the company’s citizenship programme, and made a real contribution to refreshing employees’ pride in the brand and encouraging them to get involved. This ‘30 ways’ book was so successful within Microsoft that we were commissioned to create two additional books of equally uplifting stories.