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National Grid

Aligning sustainability responsibilities with core business strategy

National Grid is owner and maintainer of the high-voltage electricity transmission network in England and Wales. Its role is to not only manage today’s highly complex network, but to also enable the electricity system of tomorrow. It asked us to explore the context of what sustainability means to the organisation, and help align its sustainability responsibilities with its core business strategy.

Following a strategic review, we created a range of articulations of the client’s purpose, goals, ambitions and behaviours, aligned to a sustainability strategy that was expressed as ‘connecting people to energy today, creating sustainable energy solutions for tomorrow’.

This articulation underpinned subsequent work to provide guidance on how to embed and communicate sustainability throughout the business.

Our approach was based on a simple framework of three core strategic pillars – inspiring the future, designing the future, and preserving the future. These informed a variety of communications outputs, including narrative and graphical treatments to bring the sustainability strategy to life, and a script and storyboard for an inspiring colleague and customer-facing film exploring National Grid’s sustainability commitments.