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NHS North West Coast

Co-creation and delivery of a key behaviour change intervention

With Type 2 diabetes becoming increasingly prevalent, we worked with NHS North West Coast to design and deliver a behaviourally-driven intervention to improve patient uptake of structured education courses. Healthcare practitioners and diabetes patients participated in our co-creation workshops and mobile ethnography research to explore the barriers to uptake, and share opinions on patient support.

From the insight, we developed the Your Diabetes Your Way (YDYW) brand and resources.

The YDYW brand is clear, simple and inherently directional – its use of anthropomorphised arrows and conversational messaging increases salience, primes audiences to engage with the resources, and humanises the process.

Healthcare practitioners and partners can now easily signpost Type 2 patients to the YDYW microsite for information on how to manage their condition, with learning resources available in the patient’s choice of format and language. In addition, the courses were reframed with an emphasis on fun, shared experiences. Early evidence suggests improved engagement at the GP practice level has increased the quality of referrals to local structured education providers.