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NHS Wirral

Dynamic behaviour change campaign on smoking cessation

We worked with NHS Wirral to design and implement an innovative, multi-layered stop smoking intervention targeting ‘hard-to-reach’ smokers, who would not normally engage with NHS Stop Smoking Services. The ‘Quit Stop Wirral’ campaign was based on research insights from residents in the 20% most deprived areas of Wirral, and those who predominantly worked in more manual occupations.

The campaign and service offering were designed around the needs of these audiences, with an intervention that included a mobile outreach service, a tips-based website, an incentive scheme in partnership with ASDA (via a store voucher prize draw for scheme participants), and fast access to NRT by phone or online.

The campaign’s visual design combined a vibrant, graphic style with a benefits-focused testimonial approach to highlight the speed and simplicity of the service. Alongside the outreach team, Quit Stop Wirral was also communicated through local radio ads, a printed guidance booklet, an advertising trailer, and a market stall installation.

A detailed evaluation was conducted to assess the impacts of the campaign in local communities, including via surveys, focus groups, video diaries etc. Quit Stop Wirral proved to be a highly effective, accessible and engaging campaign and cessation service. It reached more than 25,000 people and supported 1350 registered quitters in its first six months. A follow-on review found that 40% of those interviewed in the most deprived areas had quit smoking as a result of interacting with the service during its first year.