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Riverside Housing

Building a customer-first culture around organisational values

As one of the largest housing associations, Riverside has a deep social purpose and heritage that has guided their work since 1928. Their vision to transform lives and revitalise neighbourhoods is at the heart of making a difference for the 90,000 people who live in their homes or benefit from their care and support services. They wanted to ensure that this commitment is fully reflected in a values-led, customer-first culture.

From engaging with their Board, executive and employees, through to reviewing existing insight, conducting interviews and focus groups, we identified their existing culture, worked with the senior team to define their aspired culture, simplified their values and developed a supporting behaviour framework and key recommendations. We supported Riverside in developing an integrated approach to ‘how we do things around here’.

We brought this to life through a core framing narrative, a distinctive look and feel, and developed a programme to begin engagement with over 450 people managers. This included designing the engagement and interactive sessions for roll-out at nationwide roadshow conferences, and producing supporting materials and tools including an employee voice ‘values’ film, and range of printed and on-line collateral.