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SIG plc

A campaign to engage employees in a new business strategy

SIG plc is a leading distributor of specialist building products, operating from a number of countries across Europe. Following a challenging period for the Group, new leadership carried out a review of the business and developed a medium-term plan and strategy to significantly improve its financial and operational performance. SIG asked us to help them re-engage colleagues at all levels by designing an engagement campaign for their strategy with a clear, compelling and motivational identity and narrative.

To reach their colleagues in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, Benelux and Poland, and to appeal equally to the leadership and front-line employees, our approach needed to be cross-cultural, universally understood, and accessible at all levels whilst simultaneously engaging colleagues in a way that was relevant to their individual roles.

In line with SIG’s aim to “simplify, focus and deliver”, we designed an approach that communicated the strategy using a suite of practical and pragmatic materials including a cascade toolkit, pop-up event banners, Managers’ guide brochures, PowerPoint templates and quick-reference z-cards.

The materials were translated into five different languages and rolled out to all employees through a leadership conference and a series of roadshows, which included headline presentations from both the Group CEO and CFO.

We were praised specifically for speed of response, attention to detail, our positive and attentive communication throughout. Initial manager response indicates that the majority of participants said the roadshows gave them a good flavour of what the strategy was about and that they were clear on how to cascade that to the remaining employees.

“Thank you to all of you for all of your hard work, creativity and dedication to getting this right for us so far. I know it’s been rather a challenging project from this end – for lots of reasons, but I too think the materials look great. You should all be rightly proud of what you’ve delivered on our behalf.”
Hilary Kendrick, SIG Plc Group Communications Director