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An insight-driven framework to shape sustainable behaviour change

WWF is a Swiss-based international NGO founded in 1961, and operating in over 100 countries. It works to preserve wilderness and reduce human impacts on the environment.

WWF recognised that to continue to set the conservation agenda it needed to both enhance the ability of its network to deliver outcomes and impacts, and to build its behaviour change capacity to engage more impactfully with its many global stakeholders. To help meet these needs, we worked with WWF to develop #SaveNaturePlease, a bespoke and freely accessible behaviour change framework to build skills across the global WWF network and enable colleagues (and change-makers everywhere) to apply behavioural insight to influence the decisions of citizens, business leaders, policymakers and partners.

The framework is designed to attract attention, and ease recall of the 3-step process of developing, delivering and measuring behavioural interventions.

Step 1: SAVE focuses on Scoping the problem, Audiences and behaviours, Visioning the preferred future, and Engaging to gather authentic insight. Step 2: NATURE sets out intervention principles, including how to make behaviours Normal, Attractive and Timely, how to Uncover what’s hidden, and how to make it Rewarding and Easy. Step 3: PLEASE highlights the need to Pilot activities, to Learn by Evaluating what’s working and what’s not, before Adapting and Scaling through collaboration, to Empower others.

Our Insight Director, Belinda Miller, worked with WWF to develop the framework and build WWF’s behaviour change capacity. Throughout 2018-20, she delivered interactive webinars to global audiences of 100+ to build skills in applying the new framework to current challenges. These included: promoting sustainable diets in Europe, supporting waste management and incentivising changes in packaging design across Asia, and reducing the illegal wildlife trade in China.

You can download the Save Nature Please framework here