Your sonic superpower: how to use music to enhance your brand

Imagine you had a superpower and chose never to use it. You have, it’s music. And now Corporate Culture invite you to join us to explore how to unleash your superpower.

We’ve seen during the pandemic how so many people are using music to connect remotely. It’s even more powerful live and re-connecting with employees, customers and communities as the lockdown is lifted is going to be key.

Science tells that sound is the only sense to light up the whole brain. It commands attention, empathy, emotion, identity and action. It reduces stress and releases the happy hormone oxytocin.
At this discovery session, we will share how music works and the benefits of a Sound Strategy. We’ll also allow plenty of time for discussion.

Increasingly, companies are moving beyond a visual-only approach to creating corporate identities. Sound and vision together can help achieve cut-through and engage employees and customers emotionally.

“Music taps into primitive brain structures involved with motivation, reward… emotion (and memories).” Daniel Levitin Record producer and neuroscientist

The event will be hosted by our Chairman, John Drummond, and by Rick Blaskey.

About John Drummond

During his two decades leading Corporate Culture Group, John has helped many organisations shape creative and strategic solutions to complex issues around customer and stakeholder engagement, sustainable business and sustainable behaviour change. He has also authored a series of cutting-edge behavioural reports, including Motivating Millions, Transformation and Human, which explore how business can harness behavioural insight to drive transformational change.

About Rick Blaskey

Rick has been described as the David Attenborough of the music industry. Rick manages highly successful global artists and is the man behind songs like “Three Lions” for the English FA and “World in Union” for successive rugby world cups..

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Join us on Thursday 29 October, 9:30 – 11:00am. Sign up using the form below, or email Elaine Smith ( We’d love to see you there.

*Please note: we will be running this session digitally via Zoom.

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