COP26: How do we accelerate progress on public engagement to achieve breakthrough impact?

The UN Climate Summit in November is an opportunity to mobilise imaginative coalitions to show leadership in the face of the climate emergency as we confront the twin challenges of rapid decarbonisation (through the Race to Zero), and learn to live with impacts that are already locked in (through the Race to Resilience).

These programmes seek to identify Breakthrough tipping points to form a masterplan around which business, governments, and civil society can unite ahead of COP26 to transform our systems together, and to catalyse a step-change in global ambition to strengthen the resilience of 4 billion people in pursuit of a world where we don’t just survive climate shocks but thrive in spite of them.

Our focus for this roundtable will be on the distinctly human agenda – widening public understanding, simplifying the language, increasing the public share of voice, engaging everyone in behaviour change, emotionally engaging colleagues and amplifying diverse voices.

Led by John Drummond and Belinda Miller, we’ll share our perspective on what the evidence is telling us about gaps and opportunities, together with our experience of activating behaviour change at scale. We will be joined by Liz Parkes, Deputy Director of Climate Change at the Environment Agency who will share her views of the challenges, along with other experts who will contribute.

The session will be interactive and will provide an opportunity for attendees to explore their own challenges as to how we accelerate our shared drive towards a sustainable future, with a like-minded group of senior professionals.

About John Drummond

During his two decades leading Corporate Culture Group, John has helped many organisations shape creative and strategic solutions to complex issues around customer and stakeholder engagement, sustainable business and sustainable behaviour change. He has also authored a series of cutting-edge behavioural reports, including Motivating Millions, Transformation and Human, which explore how business can harness behavioural insight to drive transformational change.

About Belinda Miller

The session will be led by our Insight Director, Belinda Miller, who brings a wealth of experience of delivering insight led strategies to drive sustainable behaviour change. For over 25 years, her work has informed many award-winning interventions proven to measurably change behaviours for private, public and third sector organisations including Defra, NHS, WWF, over 50 local authority and health organisations together with many water and energy companies.

About Liz Parkes

Liz leads the Environment Agency’s thinking on climate change. She works closely with a range of Government departments on both preventing and responding to the climate emergency, and brings a focus on how people are at the heart of that thinking.  She combines extensive regulatory experience with the ability to think creatively and strategically about the future and to engage others in that journey.

Previously, Liz was Head of Waste and Resources at the Environment Agency and prior to that she worked in local government and for the Tidy Britain Group.

We are experiencing the impacts of climate change now. The potential impact of climate change on lives, livelihoods and lifestyles is dramatic. Some say we only have 10 years to achieve an economic and social transformation. Are people prepared? Are communities and cities?

In the lead up to COP26, the UN Climate Change Conference, what more can we do to show the potential impact on the things we value most in life – on our homes, our towns, our food, our water, our coasts? Is there something we can learn from the pandemic on the role of place and the importance of the connections between people, nature and the economy?

About Corporate Culture Roundtables

The aim is to bring together a small number of people who would welcome an open discussion about the subject based on their insight and knowledge. Each is hosted by a leading thinker in culture change, sustainable business or stakeholder engagement, who will share their views and experience before opening the discussion up to the room. All sessions observe Chatham House Rules – so everyone can speak openly and honestly.

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