We deliver learning experiences to help you build knowledge and develop in-house skills and capability. From introductory overviews to accelerator training, our sessions are tailored to help you tackle specific organisational challenges across two essential fields.

Culture and transformation

Help your organisation to embrace culture change, internal transformation, and sustainable business, including:

  • Engage employees to drive cultural change and transformation
  • Create a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture
  • Connect your stakeholders with your organisational purpose
  • Put your distinctive character at the heart of your brand
  • Leverage the power of narrative to inspire and drive change

Contact Elaine Smith to learn more and discuss your requirements.

Behavioural Science

Explore and harness the latest thinking and game-changing insights from the field of behavioural science to benefit your business, including:

  • Transform your health and safety performance
  • Increase marketing impact with behaviour-led design
  • An introduction to the science of behaviour change
  • Turn your customers and colleagues into active participants
  • Improve your organisation’s resilience to the climate crisis
  • Shape people’s personal and business travel choices

Contact Elaine Smith to learn more and discuss your requirements.

We deliver all of these culture, transformation and behavioural science training sessions in two formats, tailored to meet your objectives:

Accelerator workshops

More detailed, immersive training to deepen your understanding of the field and equip you to solve the big issues facing your business.

Introductory sessions

Focused, dynamic training to provide an insightful overview of the topic’s context, with guidance to help you make organisational decisions.

We can help you succeed though your people, by providing strategic and creative solutions that put your organisational culture and values at the heart of everything you do. Please get in touch and let’s discuss how we can help.

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