We’re delighted to share that our Chairman John Drummond has been named as one of HR Magazine’s Most Influential Thinkers for 2021, as announced during the 19th October awards ceremony at St Paul’s Cathedral.

John’s success was no doubt supported by his decades of thought leadership on the big questions facing individuals, organisations and wider society, on topics including: employee and stakeholder engagement, sustainability strategy, organisational trust, citizen behaviour change, and climate change and resource efficiency.

His authorship this year of two groundbreaking reports is also a likely contributing factor to his making the shortlist:

  • The Human Organisation report outlines nine principles that can help to shape more human workplaces. Its model on the five key workplace behaviours is already in use as a core strategy by one of the UK’s leading office space businesses.
  • The newly published follow-up report Innovation for everyone explores individual and organisational innovation through a behavioural science lens, and sets out to make innovation more accessible to all.

Other fellow thought leaders to make the annual lists of HR Magazine’s Most Influential thinkers include TED Talk star and best-selling author Simon Sinek; Prof. Amy Edmondson of Harvard Business School; Wayne Clarke, Founder of the Global Growth Institute; and Simon Fanshawe, the co-founder of Stonewall. Congrats to John on joining this esteemed company.

If you’d like a chat with John about any of these big topics, just contact Elaine.Smith@corporateculture.co.uk and she’ll set something up.