Hello, we hope you’re keeping well, and that, as we close out 2021, you’ll join us for a brief look back on our year in numbers.

The year that was

It’s been another eventful 12 months for the planet and its peoples, and for the governments and organisations trying to manage communications around the flow of such unprecedented events. In light of the ongoing pandemic – and the drive for mass vaccinations – health messaging has seldom been more prevalent, or more divisive.

It’s also been a year of communications challenges around the other global threat of climate change, with various climate catastrophes, and COP26 (its build-up and outcomes), dominating headlines. In addition, ongoing messaging for organisational and citizen behaviour change around resources and climate have been ever-present.

What is clear, through all of the ongoing global uncertainty, is that having an insight-driven, behaviour-led approach to communicating with your stakeholders has never been more important.

Our impacts

66 projects / 36 clients

During 2021, we worked with 36 amazing client organisations, on 66 groundbreaking projects, all geared to help colleagues, customers, citizens and communities at the global, national and regional level to adopt behaviours that support healthier, happier, more sustainable lives.

> 6.5 million

Our ongoing Let’s Keep Covid in Check campaign with Essex County Council has reached more than 6.5 million people with positive, authentic messages around Covid-safe behaviours.

150 countries

We created and launched the Save Nature Please behaviour change framework to build capacity across global colleagues and partners.

8.5% of global emissions

We’re working with RSPB on helping people to adopt nature-friendly eating habits to help decrease the carbon footprint of farming.

A global brand

We’re working with a globally-recognised food systems research body to create a new brand and visual language to help it continue to shape the future of global sustainable nutrition.

Net zero

We’ve helped Redrow to shape its 2025 vision, a key part of which is its commitment to achieve net zero across its own operations, the homes it builds, and the operations within its supply chain, by no later than 2050.

> 220,000 employees

We’re helping one of the world’s leading banking and financial services organisations to upskill colleagues across the business in the principles and practice of behavioural design.

> 800,000

We’re working with Essex County Council on a campaign to persuade people to swap their car commute for more sustainable transport options, like walking, cycling or the bus. The Stop. Swap. GO! campaign had already reached over 800,000 Essex residents in its first few months.

Protecting millions

We continue to work with Network Rail, delivering behaviour-led interventions and communications that are helping thousands of colleagues and millions of passengers across the country to stay safe on lines and at platforms and stations.


The board of one client rated our thinking as the best strategic contextual review they had ever seen.


Our thinking

Achieving positive impact

This year, we launched our new colleague-created purpose: We help to achieve positive, lasting change. This permeates all aspects of our work.


Supporting our purpose are our ten colleague-created Ways of Working. These are the principles and beliefs that guide everything we do.

5 principles

We created a new mental model of the five principle behaviours for life at work: concentration, conversation, collaboration, exploration and reflection. This model has already been adopted by a leading, flexible office space business to inform their new strategy.

2 groundbreaking reports

In 2021, we launched two brand new pieces of thinking. The Human Organisation report, which argues that right now is a once-in-a-century opportunity for organisations to reinvent the workplace and reimagine the world of work, and Innovation for Everyone, which explores ways to help make individuals and organisations more innovative.

HR Influencer of the Year

Our Chairman, John Drummond, was named by HR Magazine as an HR influencer of 2021.



Our Network


We delivered 26 Roundtables and Discovery Sessions throughout the year to business and thought leaders.

4 masterclasses

As well as delivering dozens of behavioural sprints for clients in 2021, we also ran four open-invitation behavioural masterclasses, to help attendees build their own behavioural design knowledge and capacity.


Across all of our many knowledge sharing sessions and report launches this year, we directly reached more than 500 people, all of whom made a valuable contribution to the shared experiences.



The year ahead

It would be a brave person who’d bet against next 12 months being at least as tumultuous as the last. But whatever the future brings, we’re here to help with your insight, strategy, communication and creative challenges.

If we aren’t currently working with you, here’s hoping the New Year offers us the chance to do some great things together. And if we are already teaming up to help deliver positive change, then thank you, and let’s do even more of that together in 2022.

Until then, stay safe.

Everyone at Corporate Culture Group