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Behaviour change at scale

Once an intervention has been behaviourally mapped, designed, and optimised through pilot testing, it’s ready to be scaled up and rolled out. This could be through small but impactful nudges, or via large-scale behaviour change campaigns that engage customers, citizens and communities to deliver wider, more sustained outcomes. 

Contexts change over time, so we believe the secret to sustainable behaviour change is the continued nurturing of interventions. And by monitoring and measuring impact longitudinally, we can ensure that behaviour is maintained until a habit has been successfully formed.  

To retain peak engagement and effectiveness, it may be necessary to refresh an intervention, or pivot one towards a more impactful goal. Revisiting the behavioural insight mapping, design and testing phases can give any intervention a new lease of life.

Behaviour change campaign strategy

As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. That is, a successful intervention or campaign hinges on a successful strategy. 

Our decades of behaviour change campaign experience, in combination with tailored, context-specific insights, inform the creation of campaign strategies that maximise the reach and impact of your campaign communications. 

We can help with…

Goal definition and refinement 

Define a campaign goal that’s specific, achievable and impactful. 

Campaign strategy 

Design a strategy that will achieve maximum reach and impact. 

Campaign branding and communications

Our design brings behaviour change interventions and campaigns to life, with compelling, evidence-based messaging, creative and brands that help people choose better outcomes for themselves, their communities, and the wider world. 

Our team of designers and writers works alongside strategists, researchers and behavioural experts to create effective and impactful design that is optimised to deliver positive, lasting change.

We can help with…

Brand and campaign identity 

Create a behaviourally-optimised visual identity and brand language that leverages our deep understanding of how people process and react to design, on both the conscious and unconscious levels.  

Design of materials 

Maximise reach with behaviourally-designed materials that will be seen and interacted with by audiences across physical, digital, social and ambient touchpoints. 

Delivery at scale

We have decades of experience delivering behaviour change at scale, with brands, campaigns and communications informed by our fundamental understanding of the latest behavioural science on how to work with, and not against, the reality of human decision-making.  

And we don’t just deliver at scale, we measure at scale too. By using best-practice data measurement and analysis, we can tell you just how impactful the campaign is over time. This way we can ensure that the desired behaviour isn’t just achieved, but is maintained until it has become habitual and a matter of routine. 

We can help with…

Customer, citizen or community engagement 

Engage customer groups, communities, or the wider citizenry – our behavioural-design approach can drive positive behaviour change across all audiences, and at any scale.  

Impact measurement 

Know just how impactful your campaign is, and identify areas for improvement, by using best-practice data measurement and analysis. 

Habit formation 

Turn behaviours into habits that stick, by adapting and iterating campaign activities based on detailed audience monitoring and measurement over time. 

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