How do you create a powerful, characterful brand?

Start at the heart.

The most authentic brands, the timeless brands, the brands that make the strongest connections with employees, stakeholders and customers alike – they all have one thing in common.

They’re built around a core purpose.

It helps build powerful brands from the inside out by identifying and articulating their Why, which informs the What and the How, and ultimately helps them realise their true brand character.  (00:21)

To help brands understand and embed this way of thinking, we use a tool that evolves existing models to incorporate behavioural science.

And it’s not just for creating new brands, this tool can be used to help existing brands get back in touch with their true purpose.

Take the Co-op, for example.  (00:46)

They needed to re-engage colleagues around its founding purpose. They needed to get back to being Co-op.

Over 8 months, 40 hosts and 79 actors delivered 648 Corporate Culture-designed sessions to 54,000 colleagues, at 156 venues across the UK to remind them what makes the Co-op special – its role at the heart of every community, and its core principles of mutual ownership and community benefit.

The sessions resulted in more than 90% of colleagues having a better understanding of the Co-op’s purpose, and the need to reaffirm its value across the business.

The benefits of this realignment speak for themselves.


Download our brand character tool here: brand_character_tool.png

Learn more about our work with the Co-op here.