Digital training to build your capability

Learning and development has always played an essential role in employee wellbeing. However, during the ongoing uncertainty of the pandemic, with remote working still in place for many organisations, and a gradual return to work underway for others, investment in the support and development of employees is more important than ever.

Gathering colleagues for training sessions, in spaces real (when the time is right) or virtual (right now), gives them more than just a learning opportunity – it renews their sense of belonging to the business and each other. It acts as a valuable reminder that they are cared about, and that there is a brighter future ahead, for their employer, for their colleagues and for themselves.

Award-winning training

The challenge is in providing the right training and workshop content in the right way. Corporate Culture has decades of experience helping organisations to develop in-house skills and the capability to tackle a range of internal and external challenges. And we’re equally skilled at delivering those sessions in-the-room or using remote learning – as we have recently for organisations including HSBC, Tesco and Sky.

From introductory overviews to behavioural design sprints, our virtual and in-person learning sessions will help you tackle specific organisational challenges across the fields of culture and transformation, and behavioural science.

Our culture and transformation courses help your organisation embrace culture change, internal transformation, and sustainable business. From engaging employees to drive cultural change and transformation, or creating a more diverse and inclusive workplace culture, to leveraging the power of narrative to inspire and drive change

Our behavioural science training helps your people to explore and harness the latest thinking and game-changing insights from the field of behavioural science. From transforming your health and safety performance, or increasing marketing impact with behaviour-led design, to shaping people’s personal and business travel choices.

Bespoke sessions

Our team of award-winning, cross-functional facilitators uses the latest digital conferencing, virtual whiteboards and ideation tools like Zoom, Teams and Mural, across two session formats, each tailored to meet your objectives:

• Our Introductory Sessions are focused, dynamic training to provide an insightful overview of the topic’s context, with guidance to help you make quick organisational decisions.
• Our Behavioural Design Sprints help you solve problems faster and more effectively using the latest behavioural science and design thinking. From defining desired behaviours and diagnosing key barriers, to designing practical behavioural interventions – all within a day, week or bite-sized chunks.

To learn more, or to arrange a bespoke purpose-focused session tailored to your organisation, please contact:

Elaine Smith

0151 494 5844