Why you should revisit your company’s online brand look-and-feel.


Keeping your organisation’s online, digital experience fresh is a critical part of maintaining your brand’s relevance to your customers.

How your customers, clients and employees interact with your digital ‘self’ is an absolute key factor in how your business and your brand is thought of, valued and trusted. Even a simple tweet can make all the difference.

 So, when is the right time to look at a refresh of your digital brand look-and-feel?


You’re outdated

It could be that the online experience you’re offering is outdated. New social and visual trends, new technology and new ways of engaging and interacting are cropping up all the time in the digital space. In order to retain your customers (and engage new ones), you need to constantly observe, change and adapt to this, leveraging and using these disruptions to help keep your audience engaged.


You’re irrelevant

It could be that you want to reset your existing clients digital experience of your brand or you want to attract a new audience. At the heart of every successful digital user brand experience is a strong and clear understanding of your customers. This user-centered approach means that your online and digital presence should be monitored and evaluated constantly, as you constantly assess who your customers are, what they want and how they want to interact with you. Treat it as a process, it should never be taken as read.

Only by aligning your digital experiences with your customer’s needs will your digital presence have any relevance in an ever-evolving space.


You’re inconsistent

It could be that your online and offline branding is inconsistent. Making sure that your customer’s brand experience is consistent is also a critical factor to the success of any digital project. If we consider some of the world’s brand leaders, you’ll find that a key factor of their success is consistency.

Brands that excel in this kind of ‘joined-up’ brand approach, whether interacting with their customers in a face-to-face meeting or online via a website or an app, are consistent at every customer touch point. Being visually consistent is obviously essential but aspects such as tone of voice and ease of user journey can also have an impact. Everything should align to your brand and unless all the parts of your organisation are consistent, your customers will experience a fragmented, broken interaction and your brand may well suffer as a consequence.


Summing up 

It’s easy to think of this constantly changing landscape as a negative, but it’s quite the opposite. Each bump in the road, each technological or social disruption is really a golden opportunity, a prompt for you to take a fresh look and gain a new perspective of your organisation from a digital point of view.

By periodically ‘hitting refresh’ you continually open up new and greater possibilities to expand the reach and influence of your brand in the digital space.