We’ve had the pleasure of working with The Co-op to help it conceive, visualise and realise a huge programme of interactive, multimedia events to engage colleagues in the purpose of the business.

Telling the Co-op story

Over the last nine months, these powerful, interactive workshops were delivered to more than 55,000 Co-op colleagues across the UK. We worked very closely with the client team to ensure that the event narrative, told through trained Co-op colleagues and external facilitator actors, would knit together all the elements of the Co-op story: from its founding principles to its new membership proposition and refreshed branding, all underpinned by the uniqueness of The Co-op Way of doing business.

Our approach included imagining how the events would work in the physical spaces, and how they could be structured and presented to create impact and surprise, while generating a genuine emotional connection. The sessions were incredibly well received by participants.

This in-depth, at-scale approach to colleague engagement reflects the Co-op’s desire to get back to the heart of what makes it such a special business – being member owned and run, with a focus on community benefit. The spirit and ethos that enabled past successes will drive and shape the Co-op’ success in the future.