Shining a light on behaviour change challenges

How do you tap into a deeper understanding of people and motivate them to act? That’s the question our new Head of Behavioural Science Benjamin Buckby is here to help us answer.

We’ve always been able to create evidence-led behaviour change programmes like RecycleNow and Love Food Hate Waste but sometimes smaller changes can also have big effects on behaviour.

“Following the publication of books such as Predictably Irrational, Nudge, and Thinking, Fast and Slow, there has been a surge of interest in the emerging thinking and insights from behavioural science.

“Many industries – from market research and advertising, to financial services, utilities, and public services – are seeking to apply the lessons from behavioural science to more effectively understand and influence behaviour”, says Ben.

“It’s now a must for anyone in the business of changing behaviour to embrace a behavioural science-led approach.  As a business, we’re committed to being at the very forefront of the latest behavioural science – from providing our clients with behavioural consulting and decision-making audits, to communications based on a knowledge of behavioural science.”

Who is Benjamin Buckby?

Ever since his Masters degree in Social Sciences at the University of Edinburgh, Benjamin has been working in the business of changing behaviour. This has included tackling shisha smoking, misuse of ambulance services, influencing shoppers’ grocery store choice, and behaviourally optimising the car buying process.

Benjamin has worked in various strategic and leadership roles in marketing, advertising and social/market research with clients spanning public, private and third sectors in the UK, Europe and Middle East, including RBS, Toyota Financial Services, Diageo, Shop Direct, ITV, DVLA and Transport for London, amongst many others. He is also a proud winner of a Silver award at the world’s first behaviour change awards – the Nudge Awards.

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