As everyone wrestles with Life After Lockdown, here is a route-map to capture all the potential implications.

There are three key questions:

  • What are the strategic implications of life after lockdown (resilience)?
  • What are the practical economic implications for your business for life after lockdown (recovery)?
  • What are the implications for relationships with employees and customers (relationships)?

The World Economic Forum has released a special update of its (usually) annual global risk report. It is worth checking out here:

However, the challenges go further. There are massive implications for food, water, energy, travel, consumption, digital media, privacy, trust and the economy.

We’ve started a series of online roundtables to explore Life After Lockdown and share experience. The first was held in late May with participants from Unilever, Kellogg, Openreach, World Resources Institute, KPMG, British Red Cross and many others.

Three priorities emerged:

  • How do we redefine the purpose of the workplace, so that it can be social while maintaining social distancing?
  • How can recovery be coupled to action on climate change?
  • How can organisations collaborate in the liminal space – the space of transformation between one state and another?

There are two immediate actions: employee re-engagement that gives them time to tell their stories and offer up recommendations for new ways of working; and executive reflection to consider the strategic implications.

To join our next Life After Lockdown online exploration on the morning of the 25th of June, please contact Elaine Smith at

In addition to conversation with your peer group, we will also share the latest research insights from our research director Belinda Miller, and a personal perspective from Mike Barry, ex-Plan A director at M&S.