The Science of Behaviour Change

Behavioural science has gone mainstream! Following books such as Freakonomics, Predictably Irrational and Thinking, Fast and Slow, there has been a surge of interest in the latest thinking and game-changing insights from the field of behavioural economics, and, more widely, behavioural science. However, organisations continue to wrestle with applying behavioural science to better understand and influence behaviour.

Benjamin Buckby will be leading this session sharing the very latest behavioural thinking into how people make decisions, as well as actionable strategies and tactics for designing effective behavioural interventions, together with case studies.

Benjamin has been working in the business of changing behaviour (employees, customers and consumers alike) for almost a decade. He has worked in various strategic and leadership roles in marketing, advertising and social/market research with clients spanning private, public and third sectors in the UK, Europe and Middle East, including RBS, Toyota Financial Services, Shop Direct, ITV and WWF International, amongst many others. He also regularly delivers behaviour change training for the Market Research Society.

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This session has now passed – but we’ll be running it again soon! To register your interest, please contact Elaine Smith.