Five key considerations for fostering and promoting a diverse culture


1. A clear compelling purpose and values that all employees can connect with 

A clear sense of meaning and purpose provides certainty, confidence, simplicity, and the focus and momentum to succeed in challenging and changing times. An organisation’s purpose drives and guides all activities. It is a unifying force, connecting everything and everyone, whoever you are, whatever role you play.

2. An approach to diversity and inclusion that is aligned to your business strategy 

A diverse workforce and inclusive culture has multiple benefits, but ultimately the overarching aim must be to support delivery of your organisation’s strategy. To be as authentic and effective as possible, your approach to diversity and inclusion should align to business goals.

3. An employee value proposition (EVP) that sets out your cultural goals and expectations 

Your EVP sets out the purpose, value and experience of working for your organisation. Being clear about the values you hold, the cultural experience, and the expectations of colleagues can help promote diversity and foster inclusion by setting cultural norms and encouraging diverse and high-calibre talent to join the organisation.

4. A behavioural framework that reinforces your strategy 

A clear behavioural framework will help build understanding and reinforce the expected ways of working for colleagues. For maximum effectiveness, preferred behaviours should nurture inclusion and promote diversity of thought, and also align directly to strategic goals to reinforce the reasons why these behaviours are needed.

5. Inspiring and authentic leaders and role models 

Leaders have significant influence on the behaviours prevalent in an organisation. Whatever an organisation may intend, its culture relies on the active support of leaders to role model preferred behaviours and address non-compliance. ‘What you do speaks so loudly I can’t hear what you say.’1


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1 Ralph Waldo Emerson, American essayist, lecturer, philosopher, and poet